Ensure daily progress for a successful year

It’s been a week and 2 days into the year. For many people this is the time when new year goals begin to fade into holiday memories. Bit by bit, what you saw a possibility will turn into a regret. But not if you truly resolved to take action, because then you will act in the short term to achieve in the long term. Come up with SMART goals and commit. Ensure daily progress for a successful year.

Stay informed and aligned

If you can’t answer questions about your goals then you need to pull up your socks. at the same time, you can’t rely on basic information, you need o keep up with the trends. Nowadays information is very accessible. Moreover you can decide which information you get, when and how. Subscribe to content that will boost your daily progress. Search for information that will help you decide and keep you inspired. Services like Pinterest offer so much convenience if you are looking for ideas and inspiration.

Apart from following relevant news and trends you need to generate information yourself. This is an essential part of tracking progress. It is also helpful in self-discovery which helps in decisions about managing your potential and maximizing your talents. Keep a diary, monitor your expenses, come up with a budget, fill in your planner, use sticky notes and reminders and other such things. The goal is not to be formal but to stay aligned. If it becomes too formal you may get bored or tired in the planning without doing the actual work. At the same time if it becomes too casual you may miss important notes.

Be vigilant and resolute pursuing daily progress

Goals may be grounded on reality and can be a result of external pressure but it takes some will to implement the plan. The journey maybe there but it’s you who walks the path. If you don’t pour your spirit in it, then it won’t be animate. Be vigilant, taking every opportunity to make progress. Rest or wait when you should but never slack. Have a prosperous year.

Put your ideas on the map

Now more than ever, as mankind, we are documenting and sharing our ideas. Almost everyone has their hands on some form of media, browsing through ideas or sharing whatever is on their mind. All this has been made possible by previous records of information. Whatever was invented or discovered by previous generations has been passed on to the next generation to complete the development. Now we have a lot of technology, the works of many generations. Your unique contribution, either big or small can also make it into the timeline.

Your brain child will grow, and so will you

What is now small was once big. The first person to come up with the arrow may have thought of it as a great thing. Nowadays that achievement pales before modern day projectile weapons. The bow and arrow industry can’t even compare to today’s weapons industry. The idea of humans flying in the air near earth was once big, yet mankind is now beyond dreaming about conquering space. The point is; every giant project is massive before you begin but with work and a bit of luck it is achievable. Writing your plan down will put things into perspective.

Test the competitiveness of your idea and find ways to overcome challenges.

Writing your plan down will put things into perspective. Action will put your idea into context

Writing a plan is not enough, you need to put your idea on the map. You may meet challenges that will test competitiveness of your idea and the strategy. At the same time you will be able to gain the support you need. Action will put your idea into context, so work consistently